We Work with Sellers Who Are Putting Their Homes On The Market

Why Get a Seller’s Inspection?
  • Saves the seller from paying for the full cost of an inspection (up to half off), while still giving them all of the pertinent information of the home.
  • The seller will have a better idea of the Information that will be on a future report, eliminating the potential of unwanted surprises.
  • Provides the seller with a list of items that are in Need of Correction.
  • Many of the items are generally “Easy Fixes” that home-owners can make on their own.
  • Buyer’s can become wary if too many things are in need of correction. By eliminating a long list of items the owner can make the home More Presentable to potential buyers.
What You Can Expect
  • The walkthrough is very similar to the buyer’s inspection except that there is no written report or pictures taken.
  • The seller accompanies the inspector and is responsible for making their own checklist from the items that the inspector points out.
  • Questions are welcomed and encouraged during the inspection.
  • The items inspected are the same as those inspected on a Buyers Inspection.  A complete list can be found at or requested by email.
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