The Alaska Home Detective

Kelly Allen, Alaska Home Detective

I was born and raised right here in the beautiful Mat-Su Valley, and enjoy hunting and fishing with my family. I graduated High School with 3 scholarships and went off to college to pursue a business degree. While in school I found myself working with a local siding contractor.

That was the job that launched me into a career of building. It didn’t take long before I moved full time into framing residential homes, which then led to me starting my first construction business. I quickly acquired a fascination with the building process, and remember walking through the homes that were being built observing and learning how the other systems in the home worked.

I have been in the building industry ever since and have acquired over 25 years of experience. Although I specialized in residential framing and siding, I gained experience with the other facets of building like heating, plumbing, and electrical systems through different remodels I’ve done over the years.

After all that time my body finally told me it was time to quit, or my arm did anyway. After surgery on torn ligaments in my arm, I was not able to return to work in the capacity that I was used to. So transitioning into home inspecting was the best way I found to continue being a part of what I love to do. I continued my education and am certified as an ICC (International Code Council) Residential  Building Inspector, Plumbing Inspector, Mechanical Inspector, Electrical Inspector, Plans Examiner, and Residential Combination Inspector. I am also a current registered home inspector with the state of Alaska, able to perform inspections on both new and existing homes.

Looking forward, the past has served me well, as I have gained the hands on knowledge and understanding that a home inspector needs to fully do their job well. I enjoy inspecting the different facets of the home, and am grateful that even after a career altering injury, I am still able to be a part of building in the Mat-Su Valley.